Print logs into a file before parsing with GROK

Is there any option to store logs into a file before parsing it in GROK. Please suggest. Can I use in Filter plugin.

There is no option AFAIK.
What is received, will be in in the message field or in event.original with ECS v8

   "event" => {
        "sequence" => 0,
        "original" => "Some text"

What you can do is to save in a file at the end - in the output section
file { path => "/path/filename_%{+YYYY-MM-dd}.txt" }
or use
stdout { codec => rubydebug{} }
You might ruby code to save in a file. If you have some issues with paste here a sample and what fields you expect, someone will help

why not use clone for those events Clone filter plugin | Logstash Reference [8.6] | Elastic and then in output section, write only cloned events to the file?

Use pipeline-to-pipeline communication with a forked-path pattern to process events in two different ways. That can also be done using a clone filter and conditionals.

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