Print User Information within Query Log Statements (Log4j2)

I am wondering if there is a way to log what user ran a query statement to elasticsearch. Right now I have it set up such that slowlog prints everything, just so I see what is happening, but I do not necessarily know who is querying elasticsearch.

I am slowly learning more about elasticsearch, and I am using it for a personal project just to learn more about it. I do not have x-pack, but still want to figure out more about the logging process. I did not see an elasticsearch parameter to add user information to the log statements.

I have v. 6.4.3, and have been reading more into how log4j2 is being used with the logging process, and saw that log4j2 had a ThreadContext class that one can put string keys and values into and use them in things like the .properties file.

In the patternLayout (int, if I add either: $${ctx:login} or %X{login}, it will retrieve the current value set to the String "login" as put there by the ThreadContext. But I dont necessarily know whether or not this works with elastic search. Say I put a key-value pair into the log4j2 ThreadContext in my personal project code (that eventually queries elasticsearch), and have the $${ctx:} or similar in the for elasticsearch, will the value I put be read correctly?

ex: (in my personal code)
ThreadContext.put("method","getCount"); //log4j2 ThreadContext
[execute elasticsearch query]

Will the $${ctx:method} value that is printed in the elasticsearch log (because of the change to the patternLayout in be "getCount"? even though it is not in elasticsearch directly?
If not, I also see that Elasticsearch has a ThreadContext class that one can add "Headers" to. If my prior example doesnt work, is it possible for the user of elasticsearch to add to this ThreadContext?

If you don't have Security enabled then there's no way for Elasticsearch to capture user information, because it doesn't need to send auth details.

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