Prioritising pages belonging to a folder

We have a folder inside which are all our course pages.

That folder is /course/

How do I prioritise all content in this folder when corresponding with search queries?

For example, if someone types in 'art', I want our art courses to appear before our art gallery.

Many thanks!

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Hi @thack,

The more simple and if you use logstash or ingest is adding a weight field depends on the folder so let's say course have 2 points gallery have 1 etc... so you can sort on this field or mix with other fields to sort on.
But you need to reindex your data to set the weight.

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Can you provide two sample documents (one with and one without the course folder) and your query?

I'd assume you could build this with a should clause on the course folder in addition to a must for the search term, but it will be much easier if we don't have to guess your current document and query structure.