Privileges are missing and can't be removed, currently

I started new instance of Kibana, yet when I tried to access it, I've got following message:

plugin:security@6.4.2 - Privileges are missing and can't be removed, currently.

Please advise.

switching completely (all nodes) to 6.5.0 addressed the issue, although another issue appeared:

can u explain more in detail the steps you took with screenshots, logs from Kibana and ES both. which OS ? is security on ?


I was trying to upgrade from 6.4.2 to to 6.5.0 when I got that error.

I now complete rolling upgrade to 6.5.0 and not getting error anymore, so I can't provide you any logs or screenshot, sorry.

OS: Debian (however I use Docker)
Security: On

There is a breaking change after an upgrade to 6.5, have you checked the release notes? ( ).

Are you facing the same issues?

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