Problem about embedding visualizations. Any clue about this?



Kibana version: 6.1.1

Elasticsearch version: 6.1.1

Server OS version: CentOS 7

Browser version: Versión 63.0.3239.84 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

Browser OS version: Ubuntu 16.04

Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, from source, etc.): yum

Description of the problem including expected versus actual behavior:

I have a directive which inside execute this:

loader.embedVisualizationWithSavedObject($("#"+$scope.visID), visualization, params)

My directive is declared as kbnVis, so I use it on the HTML as follow:

<kbn-vis vis-id="'my-awesome-id'" id="my-awesome-id"></kbn-vis>

That's fine and working, but my problem is that whenever I go again to that view the embeder function takes a bit more time, and if you go to another tab and come back again it takes more and more time...

my-awesome-id: 1.985s
my-awesome-id: 3.112s
my-awesome-id: 4.887s
my-awesome-id: 7.068s

Also I noticed some strange things taking some heap memory snapshots with Chrome Dev Tools:

  1. Go to TAB-A --> take a snapshot
  2. Go to TAB-B --> take a snapshot
  3. Go to TAB-A --> take a snapshot
  4. Go to TAB-B --> take a snapshot

Those snapshots have a property called SavedVis, where I can see that is a list of visualizations that is growing up more and more.

Both TAB-A and TAB-B have some visualizations rendered as described before.

  • Can I manage currently number of rendered visualizations?
  • Can I prevent this situation?
  • Had you knowledge about this situation?
  • Is it related to the "scope" polluting or something similar?

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I will ask our viz team to take a look at it. But you did already create an issue and @timroes will definitely help :slight_smile:



Yes!, thank you so much @bhavyarm I'm currently working on a workarround this and maybe I fix it until this issue advance with the Elastic team!


(Tim Roes) #4

Since this is kind of in between a question an a bug, I think it's okay you posted it in the forums and the issue tracker. Since I can't rule out yet, that this might be a bug, I would refer to the issue for further communication :slight_smile:



I know this is closed, but it doesn't work as expected. loader.embedVisualizationWithSavedObject(...); in the tag 6.1.1 returns a promise that resolves the handler. Then I try to use handler.destroy() and get this.$broadcast is not a function, so I can't fully remove the visualization. What can I do @timroes ?

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