Problem access web to kibana and elasticsearch

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Hello, I want Kibana and Elasticsearch to be accessible via a domain name (example: on the browser. -> or The domain name exists and there is a public IP. There is NAT on the 9200 and 5601 port.

I modified the configuration files of Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash. It works with a curl or curl but not via the browser.

I don't want to access it with the IP because I want to secure the site with a certificate lets'encrypt.

Can someone help me ?!

(Jon Budzenski) #2

Is your host machine aware of what to resolve to? Usually this is an entry in /etc/hosts. In the interim you can test by binding kibana to your public IP (or in kibana.yml.

(KKYUN) #3

I think you can use proxy.

(Lethuillier) #4

My host machine don't resolve My problem is a little resolve by an other person.
I have no proxy.
Thank you for your answers.

Today, my problem is the Kibana's status is red.
ui sttings -> Elastic plugin is red
plugin:elasticsearch@5.6.5 -> Request Timeout after 3000ms

If you have ideas...

But I have an other problem. I don't touch configuration files and I have an error 504 Gateway Time-Out.

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