Problem in Setting Up my Development Environment - yarn kbn bootstrap failed


I am trying to setup kibana 6.3.0 development environment and to bootstrap Kibana and install all the dependencies, I've to use this cmd yarn kbn bootstrap. Sadly, I've this message failed [bootstrap] failed.


I installed yarn 1.7 and 1.6 and I still face the same problem.
Any help ?

Best regards.


This looks like a network error on your side. Can you see if yarn is somehow blocked from your firewall?

Hello @Marius_Dragomir,

I've a proxy so I configured it using this commands:
yarn config set proxy http://username:password@host:port
yarn config set https-proxy http://username:password@host:port

But I got the same display :frowning:

I enabled my firewall too, it doesn't work !
Is there any solution ? :roll_eyes:

Does yarn work with that config in any other place?

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I'll try that and I'll let you know :wink:

It works in another machine. Thanks @Marius_Dragomir :smile:

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