Problem of Term Suggester

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I have a problem with term suggester. I dont know what was happening. All
friends, plz help me to explain it.

I have two 3 documents: [doc1:{content: "Anh yêu ta"},doc2:{content:"Anh
yêu ta"}, doc3:"Anh yêu tí"] (content was indexed with vi_annalyzer)

I using term suggester as: SuggestionBuilder text = SuggestBuilder

I was received results from termsuggestion is:{text: "ta" , freq:2 ,

=> Why term suggestion is "ta" ?. In my thinking , no term suggestion will
been returned. Plz help me to explain it. what it's wrong and how to fix
it. Thanks all my friends!!!

This is config vi_annalyzer:
type: custom
tokenizer: whitespace
filter: [trim, lowercase, hunspell_vi]
type: hunspell
locale: vi_VN

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