Problem when reindex a 8G index

I have a 8G 、336408 docs index which have 5 pri and 1 rep, and want to reindex it.
my command is

POST <node_ip>:9200/_reindex?scroll=120m&timeout=120m&requests_per_second=10
  "source": {
    "index": "pcom",
  "dest": {
    "index": "pcom_temp"

my es cluster is ok, but i got an err:

what hanppend and how to troubleshoot?

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Hi all

And we found in the same index , if we reindex less data(about less than 10k docs), success rate goes up obviously.

Thanks for help

@lizhu, it does look odd. Which version of Elasticsearch are you on?

I would advice against the requests_per_second=10, since it really means documents per second and thus would take around 10 hours to complete with that.

@HenningAndersen Thank you, es version: 6.8.0
As shown in the picture, I did not set url parameter requests_per_second, however the err is also returned many times.

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