Problem with element BY.ID for autologin to kibana using python selenium webdriver

I want to make an auto screenshot script using selenium python but I can't find element id of the username and password that I found is only random element id for username and password. Could you please inform me if I can do auto login to elastic kibana using selenium python? If it's possible, what parameter should I use for the username and password element id?

Thank you.


As there are no Ids there are 2 ways to do that:

  1. Use the name instead of the id: Docs
  2. Instead of using the User Interface to Login you can also send the authentication as part of a Basic Auth Header. As Kibana does not allow user/password in the Url you need to use the browsers DevTools to do that. Here is a Java example to do that with Selenium.

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Thank you for helping me, i use "Name" for element and it works

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