Problem with "exists" filter! (parsing_exception no [query] registered for [meta])


(Nour Ben Amor) #1

hello every one,
i wana applicate a filter on my data (only one column) so i can prepare my data to the machine learning plugin...
this is an example of filter i wana use to eliminate NULL values
Then , i saved my new data

when i try to create a new job and i select my new data, i get this error:

need help!!

(rich collier) #2

Hi Nour,

This bug was previously identified and was fixed in v6.2.2. The latest version available for download right now is v6.2.3, so it will contain this fix.


(Nour Ben Amor) #3

Hi @richcollier,

thanks for the quick answer, i actually use 6.2.2 so i will merge to the 6.2.3

Thanks a lot,

(rich collier) #4

Hmmm...I thought the fix was in v6.2.2. Ok - well, if after you upgrade to v6.2.3 and you still see the problem, please let us know.

(Nour Ben Amor) #5

hello @richcollier,
I still have the same error

I use
Kibana 6.2.3
Elastic 6.2.3
X-pack 6.2.3

(rich collier) #6

It seems as if the fix that went into v6.2 didn't entirely fix this issue. I've notified the dev team and this will be remedied in v6.3 which should be out sometime next month.

Thank you for letting us know

(Douglas Muth) #7

Just wanted to chime in that I too am seeing this error on Elasticsearch 6.2.3.

Look forward to the 6.3 release. :slight_smile:

-- Doug

(Mark Walkom) #8