Problem with Filters

I'm using the 5.4.0 version, i need to applicate some filters on my dashboard.
This functionality exist in the the 5.5.0 version like the below picture show:

But in the current one (5.4.0), this button is not available on the Filter bar:

Can someone help me? beacause i can't change the version?


hi @NOUR

That filter capability was introduced in 5.5, and not available in 5.4.

You can still add filters, but you need to type these manually in the lucene query bar. That's that input-box that runs on top of Kibana. You can see an example here:

Hi @thomasneirynck,
Thank you for your answer ! you helped me a lot.
Well,in the Discover tab, i can add any filter using the buttons in front of any column:


Then i can change the code of query according to my need.

Thank you Sir,

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