Problem with Imap input plugin and Office 365 Public Folders

Hey there,

We have migrated from Kerio Mailserver to Office 365. On both Servers we have used Public Folders to get Mails with the imap input Plugin into Kibana.

Since this Migration, i'am not able to get Mails with the Imap Plugin.

Error: "\IT\ServerNotify\5 - SES" doesn't exist.", :level=>:error}

Previous Config Kerio: folder => "#public/ServerNotify/5 - SES"
Current Config Outlook 365: folder => "\IT\ServerNotify\5 - SES"

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-PublicFolder -Recurse | where {($_.MailEnabled -eq $True)}

Name Parent Path

5 - SES \IT\ServerNotify

Path: \IT\ServerNotify\5 - SES

Does anyone have Tipps to fix this?



regarding to this topic Logstash Imap for shared mailbox , i've removed the "Folder" and added user => "user@domain\5-SES", now iam getting the following Error: User is authenticated but not connected.", :level=>:error}



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