Problem with jdbc river with versioning


I tried to index MySQL table into ES(version-0.90.1) using jdbc river
(version-2.2.0). below is my river configuration:

curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/_river/geocode/_meta' -d '{








    "sql":"SELECT geonameid as \"_id\", name, asciiname, 

alternatenames, latitude, longitude, feature_class, feature_code, country,
cc2, admin1, admin2, admin3, admin4, population, elevation, dem, timezone,
modification_date FROM poc.geocode ",


    "digesting" : true






    "versioning" : true



This is working fine in the first run and indexes all records from table in
first run, but is not able to reflect any update made in mysql table and I
also added large number of new records to the table but again those were
not indexed in ES.

Also the digest values are not changing in different versions:

created: 2013-07-09T11:07:07.887Z

version: 11

digest: VKaM21xTg4mxcqzf1dGleNR5mql3J26v2rBcFURT9/0=

After updating some data in table:

created: 2013-07-09T11:07:07.887Z

version: 26

digest: VKaM21xTg4mxcqzf1dGleNR5mql3J26v2rBcFURT9/0=

I checked this thread also this a known issue with ES jdbc river?

Thanks & Regards,

Rishav Rohit

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