Problem with metricbeat and xpack

I have the following problem, after installing X-pack, I would like my metricbeat agents that I have collecting data from other servers can send these to the EL cluster that I have mounted.

The installation of X-pack that I have, is linked to an active directory, in principle without problems.

I have several groups mapped in AD and in Xpack and the users that belong to them access the contents that have been authorized by x-pack.

Now, for the metricbebat agents, in AD only we have created a user, not a group and I see no way to give this user access to the cluster without this one not in an AD group.

Is it possible, through X-pack configuration, to authorize a discrete user who does not belong to a specific AD group to perform data in an EL cluster?


Hi Oscar,

Yes, you can create "native" users or use PKI/certificate-based auth alongside your AD realm.

You can read about the native realm here[1] and our authentication options more generally here[2]



Thx for your answer!

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