Problem with MongoConnector + GridFS + ES + Ingest Mapper

We are trying to map the Ingest Mapper plugin within ES to our MongoDB in order to be able to index binary data contained within the fs.chunks collection created automatically by GridFS.

We tried to do the following command but we had no luck. (

curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/myindex/collection.fs/_mapping -d'{
"fs": {
"properties": {
"content": {"type": "attachment"}

Any help will be greatly appreciated especially on how such a mapping is to be performed.

"type": "attachment" has been removed.
Use ingest-attachment plugin instead.

But to answer your question: I don't know.

If you have a way to read your binary content from MongoDB, then just send it as a BASE64 content within a document like:

  "content": "BASE64 HERE"

And parse it with ingest:

We installed the ingest mapper plugin.

The document is automatically saved by the GridFS API method and is saved to fs.files and fs.chunks automatically.

We need to know the new mapping using the ingest mapper, how this is set in order to index documents in the TestDB (the name we are using) Database and the document binary data in the fs.chunks collection created by GridFS.

We need to know the new mapping using the ingest mapper

Well. Up to you. There is no "mapping" with ingest. Ingest is "just" responsible to transform an existing JSON to another JSON. What you do then with extracted content is up to you.

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