Problem with query_string and default_operator query

Hi all,

I seem to be getting some strange results when using the "default_operator"
: "AND" property in the query_string query. It seems to reverting back to
the defaults and using the OR value. Any ideas?

Here is a sample query of the index;

"fields": [ "attachment.title", "filename", "url_dl", "year",
"attachment.content_length", "attachment.content_type" ],
"default_operator" : "AND",
"analyze_wildcard": true,
"query":"Skinner William"
"highlight": {
"pre_tags" : [""],
"post_tags" : [""],
"fields": {
"attachment.keywords": {"fragment_size" : 150, "number_of_fragments"
: 3},
"attachment": {"fragment_size" : 150, "number_of_fragments" : 3}
"size": 1,
"from": 0

The results it shows is Skinner OR William and not the whole Skinner AND
William phrase.;

"highlight": {
"attachment": [
"Fotheringltam st, Mer'ville \nSkues Willie in, 1
Hobbs St. Lewisham \nSknes \William, 72 Morgan st,
IMarriekville \nSI:Wander Jens 138 'Trafalgar et, A'dale ",
"slack W., builder, %Variable \nSlack W. F., May's
11111, Parramatta \nSick William H., 15 Regent st, Newtown
\nSlacksmith A. 1.1., grazier, Tamba Springs \nSlack-smith",
"grazier, Herren \n\n'function \nSlacksmith James,
farmer, Buglibone \n\nSkinner William,
dentist. 179 Oxford St Slack-Smith J. L., grazier, Coonamble \nnod 39"

We can use the match_phrase query and all is well but we need the wildcard
option to work for us, hence why we are using query_string query.

Any helps would be awesome.



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