Problem with re-indexing documents with inner objects


I have a problem with reindexing the documents which contain inner objects. I've created first the desitination index with correct mapping and then run the reindexing api. However the documents are not created in the way which our application expects. This is the mapping (all the fields are NOT displayed):


this is the correct document created by application:


However this is the reindexed document:


So the reindexed document causes to a NullPointerException in the application, because there is no field "event" anymore and all the fields are flat.

In the reindexing api documentation it's only mentioned that the destination index must be first created with the correct mapping and the reindexing should take in place. However it seems doesn't consider the mapping.

I've reindexed the documents from ES 1.7 to 5.6.7


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