Problem with using kibana to link elsearch

the problem is

[error][status][plugin:xpack_main@7.2.1] Status changed from yellow to red - [data] Elasticsearch cluster did not respond with license information.
when i use kibana to link with elsearch
next the Elasticsearch wil throwing like this


what shoud I do

the version of Elasticsearch is 7.2.1

Hi @elsearch,

To better understand the issue, we need to see full verbose Kibana logs (please make sure to remove any sensitive data before attaching file with logs here):


logging.verbose: true
logging.quiet: false


hi @azasypkin

the kibana error happens
log [14:51:04.839] [error][status][plugin:xpack_main@7.2.1] Status changed from yellow to red
log [14:51:04.840] [error][status][plugin:graph@7.2.1]
log [14:51:04.841] [error][status][plugin:spaces@7.2.1

log [14:51:11.432] [warning][browser-driver][reporting] Enabling the Chromium sandbox provides an additional layer of protection.
log [14:51:11.519] [warning][reporting] Generating a random key for xpack.reporting.encryptionKey. To prevent pending reports from failing on restart, please set xpack.reporting.encryptionKey in kibana.yml

log [14:51:17.484] [warning][reporting] See Chromium's log output at "/soft/ElasticSearch/kibana-7.2.1-linux-x86_64/data/headless_shell-linux/chrome_debug.log"
log [14:51:17.485] [warning][reporting] Reporting plugin self-check failed. Please check the Kibana Reporting settings. Error: Could not close browser client handle!
and so on
last the kibana will wrong with 503

then the elasticsearch would occur exception

the main problem is like xpack
how about deal with

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