Problems configuring Elasticsearch 5.0 using not standart paths

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I trying to install an Elasticsearch server in a Centos7 using tar.gz distribution.

I'm using systemctl as mechanism to start elasticsearch and i configured all file locations in my new structure.

The problem appear when i try to configure the variable CONF_DIR. In my configuration directory, i have 3 files and 1 subdirectory:

  • elasticsearch.yml
  • jvm.options
  • /scritps

When I start elasticsearch, the configuration inside elasticsearch.yml and it's read, but not for jvm.options.

For this file, prevails the configuration existing in EL_HOME/config/jvm.options.

I suspect that the problem is in file /usr/lib/systemd/system/elasticsearch.service, that's contain the variable;


somehow this configuration use the jvm options declared in EL_HOME/config/jvm.options instead of the variables configured in file declared in CONF_DIR

Note: I use EL_HOME to hide the real path.

Somebody have any idea to delegate jvm.options configuration outside?


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