Problems configuring ES


I'm starting to use ES but I'm having some problems with the initial
configuration. I'll be indexing and searching through elements in spanish
and reading I found out that a possible solution it's to use snowball with
the language set to Spanish.

The current configuration file I'm using is:

ES starts up correctly, but when I create an index the settings don't seem
to stick:



From what I understand I should be able to see the filters configured on the

Then if I run the analyzer even stranger things happen:

curl -XGET

[Fri Aug 5 10:39:18 2011] Response:


"tokens" : [


"end_offset" : 3,

"position" : 1,

"start_offset" : 0,

"type" : "word",

"token" : "d�a"



"end_offset" : 11,

"position" : 2,

"start_offset" : 4,

"type" : "word",

"token" : "sol"




The word 'soleado' for some reason gets chopped, and well the search returns
no results, so I figure I'm having a problem with my indexer, hope you can
give me some directions on what I may be doing wrong.


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