Problems Installing Elasticsearch via Helm Kubernetes (version 7.6.1)

Hi, so I'm following the example to install elasticsearch via Helm chart.

I meet all the pre-requisite:

  • Docker-for-Desktop Kubernetes: v1.10.11
  • Helm v2.14.1

It doesn't appear all the pods are running and just stalls and never to ready state.

NAME                            READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
elasticsearch-master-0          0/1     Running   0          19m
elasticsearch-master-1          0/1     Pending   0          19m
elasticsearch-master-2          0/1     Pending   0          19m
tiller-deploy-6b6684c87-nwpwm   1/1     Running   0          15h

getting the log for kubectl log elasticsearch-master-0

{"type": "server", "timestamp": "2020-03-08T15:43:57,731Z", "level": "WARN", "component": "o.e.c.c.ClusterFormationFailureHelper", "": "elasticsearch", "": "elasticsearch-master-0", "message": "master not discovered yet, this node has not previously joined a bootstrapped (v7+) cluster, and this node must discover master-eligible nodes [elasticsearch-master-0, elasticsearch-master-1, elasticsearch-master-2] to bootstrap a cluster: have discovered [{elasticsearch-master-0}{XIUPmEuNSEKMP7mYrTPPYA}{t2F_bpO0SiyvlogO52pkjA}{}{}{dilm}{ml.machine_memory=2147483648, xpack.installed=true, ml.max_open_jobs=20}]; discovery will continue using [] from hosts providers and [{elasticsearch-master-0}{XIUPmEuNSEKMP7mYrTPPYA}{t2F_bpO0SiyvlogO52pkjA}{}{}{dilm}{ml.machine_memory=2147483648, xpack.installed=true, ml.max_open_jobs=20}] from last-known cluster state; node term 0, last-accepted version 0 in term 0" }

Note: Pulling Docker image elasticsearch image v7.6.1

Hi @a_pel73,
Are you following Docker for Mac example?
Can you provide the exacte command and values file you are using?

Hi, I didn't see the mac example....but I used the values file in there and seems to run unstable when viewing the data in Kibana but I tweak the ES memory value from 512M to 1024M and its running great! Thank you!

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