Problems migrating vega charts from 7.2 to 7.10

Hi, I was migrating via export/import some charts from the version 7.2 to a new 7.10.2 version. Unfortunately, after migrating the data and the charts, the vega charts don´t render and don´t show any data. Given that vega was released oficially in 7.10.2 we also tested to migrate the charts to a 7.9 and in the 7.9 the charts work properly.
Is there anything that should be changed manually when migrating a vega chart from 7.2 to 7.10.2?
Is there any change that make <7.10 charts incompatible in 7.10.2?

Original vega:

Migrated vega:


Hi @diegoag97 there is no incompatibility, it seems like you have not provided a width and height while using autosize: { type: "none" }. This is documented in our Kibana Vega docs

Yeah, that was the issue. Thank you very much.

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