Problems with custom beat plugin


I'm trying to build a custom output plugin for beats to connect to AWS Kinesis based on With this plugin, I'm trying to use go modules via a new go.mod file in the root of the plugin repository, but I can't get the module to build with the command 'go build -buildmode=plugin'. The error is go: missing and .../v7/go.mod at revision v7.6.2.

The go.mod file I'm attempting to use;


go 1.13

require ( v1.30.21 v7.6.2 v1.5.0 v3.2.0+incompatible v0.0.8 v0.0.2 // indirect v0.9.1 v0.0.11 v1.2.1 v0.1.1-0.20200424093508-cdd95a104193 v2.2.8

I've also tried replacing v7.6.2 with v7.6.2 and my custom plugin will compile fine, but when I attempt adding the plugin to filebeat with this command ./filebeat --plugin -v I get the following output;./filebeat flag redefined: strict.perms which is not being redefined in the new plugin.

So I guess TLDR:

  1. Unable to compile custom plugin with v7.6.2 error: go: missing and .../v7/go.mod at revision v7.6.2 but able to compile with v7.6.2
  2. When compiling with v7.6.2, error running via ./filebeat --plugin -v error: ./filebeat flag redefined: strict.perms

Any help is appreciated!

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