Process mining with Network diagram in Vega

Hi All!
Dont know where to post this question. Trying here.

I would like to analyze a process. I have a digital footprint where I have a row representing an order. I see the status, the point in the process, previous point in the process, time stamp, previous point timestamp, and a lot of different attributes. New rows are created for any change in the process so if the order moves on to the next point this is a new row.

Is it possible to plot this in some kind of network diagram in Vega? The process is not linear, thus, an order can be sent back in the process.

What I need to know:
At any given point in time I would like to know how many orders there are at different points in the process. How many orders were sent to and from a point in the process and to where.

Any suggestions?


@Cristian it seems your data structure is fairly well suited for a network diagram because for each item you have both the start and the end nodes. Take a look at the Vega examples page, see which graph is better suited for your needs and try to modify it to fit your data. If your data is public, you could post it somewhere (e.g. as a gist), and I might write a blog post about it (no promises).

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