Process telemetry returned from procs.go in Packetbeat github

Hi, I noticed in Packetbeats github repo from two days ago, a commit for procs.go that includes returning process telemetry. I've configured my packetsbeat v7.6.1 to send logs and visualized in Kibana. However, I don't see the PID / executable, command line arguments telemetry. Very interested in this for security use cases. Can anyone help direct me? Do I need a special config.yml? Processors?

Here are the lines of returned process information in procs.go, line 326:
return &process{
pid: info.PID,
ppid: info.PPID,
name: name,
exe: info.Exe,
cwd: info.CWD,
args: info.Args,
startTime: info.StartTime,
expiration: time.Now().Add(processCacheExpiration),

Checkout the documentation for Packetbeat regarding process enrichment: You need to enable it in the config file.

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Excellent. Thank you for the response. I turned this on and the process enrichment looks very good. This is a great feature and I really appreciate it once again.

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