Process Xlsx files using Ingest Attachment Processor Plugin

I am new to ES and have just started exploring .I have a requirement to read MS office documents like excel, doc ,msg etc. I tried processing excel document using below code

$params = [
'index' => 'index',
'type' => 'type',
'id' => 'document_id',
'pipeline' => 'attachment',
'body' => [
'content' => base64_encode(file_get_contents('a.xlsx'))
$response1= $client->index($params);

It is getting success but all the excel content is stored in one field.

Is it possible to split the data column wise key pair values (column name as key and column value as value) using this plug in?

Thanks in advance


No it's not.
You should export your doc as CSV instead.

Do you suggest to use logastash for importing CSVs?

Yes. Or some grok processor with ingest but will be less efficient.

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