Processing HTML content using java transport client within JSON files ingested using Logstash and Kafka

I am trying to ingest files (articles with a heading, body, etc) into ElasticSearch using Logstash and Kafka. The files are in JSON (fields - title, body, etc) where the body field is in HTML. My ElasticSearch version is 5.6. I am using Java REST Client (TransportClient) to interact with ElasticSearch.

How do I process the original files ingested using Logstash into ElasticSearch, to replace all the tags and their attributes appropriately, and store it back in the same index?

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I tried using AnalyzeRequest's addCharFilter's html_strip, which i thought is the equivalent of HtmlStripCharFilter (, but html_strip returns tokens with only the symbols '<' and '>' removed, but not the tags and attributes, unlike HTMLStripCharFilter.

I am attaching my code for this.

String text = "<p>tag<p>";
AnalyzeRequest analyzeRequest = (new AnalyzeRequest(indexName)).text(text).addCharFilter("html_strip");
List<AnalyzeResponse.AnalyzeToken> tokens = client.admin().indices().analyze(analyzeRequest).actionGet().getTokens();
String tmp = "";
for(AnalyzeResponse.AnalyzeToken token:tokens) {
tmp += token.getTerm() + " ";

Output: I expect - "tag", but I get - "p tag p"

I also came across the PreBuiltCharFilters (also HtmlStripCharFilterFactory), but I am very unsure about how to use this. And i did not come across any code examples for a similar use case.

So how do I go about this? Thank You.

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