"processing [index-aliases]: execute" - whats that?

Hey guys,

for some testing reasons, i activated the DEBUG log in elasticsearch and
saw that the following messages appears every 5-10 seconds:

[2014-10-20 08:18:09,507][DEBUG][cluster.service ] [NODE]
processing [index-aliases]: execute
[2014-10-20 08:18:09,509][DEBUG][cluster.service ] [NODE]
processing [index-aliases]: no change in cluster_state

The problem is, if this happends search queries in Kibana get "stuck",
meaning if you click on the "execute search" button nothing happends for
about 3-4, till this message appears in the elasticsearch log.

Unfortunately googling doesnt helped me to find out, whats causing this.

Anyone got an idea what this message is telling me?


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