Processor for csv filter

I wanted to know if there are any Ingest node plugins similar to the "csv" filter in Logstash. I need to separate a tab delimited event into separate fields using ingest pipeline. Any help would be much appreciated.


Not at this stage.

There is a community ingest plugin.

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How could I forget this one :frowning:

Maybe there is no information on plugin page. I will add it :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response. Is it possible to specify the separator? Or can this be only used on comma separated values? In the csv filter, we can set the separator to be anything and my event is tab delimited.

Sorry, my bad it is possible....just saw it. Thanks a lot!

In your documentation, you mention that we need to run a "gradle clean check". Are you talking about Ubuntu? If so, how can this be done in Windows?


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