Processors setting when running multiple elaticsearch instances on same server



my data node server has 256G memory and 32 cores, currently we are running 3 elasticsearch instances (processors set to 8 for each instance) in the servers. but it often hit high CPU issue.

our initial thinking is 24 cores go for elasticsearch and another 8 cores for OS... is this setting correct? what's the minimum core setting for os?

the example in below article says "e.g., if you’re running two instances of Elasticsearch on a 16-core machine, set processors to 8"

it doesn't allocate any core for what should be the correct way for my setup? (btw we are running version 2.4.1)

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There is no right or wrong here, but you're probably wasting lots on the OS here.

Yes, but the OS still handles how the CPU is given to the JVM. If it needs something for itself then it'll allocate time. This setting is more of an affinity one rather than a dedication one.


Thanks. I will try to allocate 10 cores for each node and test out

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