Profile API UI

(Asaf Mesika) #1


I was wondering if anyone know a visualization (UI) exists for Profile API?



(Zachary Tong) #2

It hasn't been released yet, but we're working on a UI for the profile API. No clear ETA when it'll be available, but it's in-progress. :slight_smile:

Edit: since I couldn't give you a firm release version/date, here's a screen-capture of the current progress instead:

Usual caveat: pretty much all of this is subject to change before release. We're still playing around with the UI, so a lot could be changed/added/removed :slight_smile: (In fact, this screen-capture is a bit out-dated already, a few things have already changed)

(Asaf Mesika) #3

Looks awesome!

(Steve Kearns) #4

This feature has been released as part of X-Pack in 5.1.1!

(system) #5