Program for send log from Linux

What is the best program for send Linux log to ELK? I know syslog-ng or rsyslog exist but which program is best and match with ELK?

Thank you.

I think this is filed under the wrong category, so will move it to Beats. Have you looked at Filebeat?

I looked at it a little.
Excuse me, Filebeat is better or Logstash?

Filebeat is designed as a lightweight shipper, and has limited processing capabilities compared to Logstash. It can however be combined with ingest node pipelines, so which is best will depend on your requirements. Have a look at this blog post for a comparison between ingest node pipelines and Logstash for processing.

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Thank you.
I just want to send Nginx and other web services log to Elasticsearch and Kibana.
Can I send Log to Elasticsearch and Kibana directly? I mean is that the server that Elasticsearch and Kibana installed on it not have Log agent.

Yes, Filebeat can send data directly to Elasticsearch on a separate server. Have a look at this webinar for a discussion around ingest architectures.

Thus, "Filebeat" is better than "Logstash" in my scenario? Logstash can't send files directly?

Logstash can naturally also send data directly to Elasticsearch. Have a look at the resources I linked to to select the option that is right for you.

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