Prometheus collector query defined once, applied everywhere


I'm using Metricbeat 8.6.2 and I'm trying to collect Prometheus metrics using the official Prom snmp exporter. This particular exporter requires passing a URL query string to configure the snmp endpoint to collect the metrics from.

As an example, this exporter URL: http//snmpexporter:9116/snmp/?target= makes the snmp exporter return snmp metrics from IP and the synology MIB module.

Here is a sample configuration which collects Prometheus metrics from 2 different exporters:

  • the SNMP exporter (see above for details) with configured as the snmp target
  • the embedded Canonical MaaS exporter running on host
  - module: prometheus
    period: 30s
    metricsets: ["collector"]
    hosts: ["snmpexporter:9116"]
    metrics_path: /snmp
      module: synology
  - module: prometheus
    period: 30s
    metricsets: ["collector"]
    hosts: [""]
    use_types: true
    rate_counters: false
    metrics_path: /MAAS/metrics

The issue is that the query parameter which is defined only in the first Prometheus module configuration (snmp), is also applied transparently to the second Prometheus configuration (MaaS). See:

Defining an empty query parameter for the second Prometheus configuration does not help much (and would not be a scalable solution when using autodiscover and hints autodiscover)

Any idea what's wrong with my configuration?

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