Promote replica to primary

After a network partition, primary shards are heavily skewed to the side where the master was. Partition is now healed but there's too much traffic to & from the side with more of the primaries. To resolve that, would like the replicas that were on the other side of the partition to be promoted as primaries. I can stop writes to the index so making sure the replica is in sync is not an issue. The allocate_stale_primary command of the reroute api looked close to what I'm trying to do but it complains that primary is already assigned. There are a way to promote replicas to primaries without data movement / triggering reallocation? Thanks!

It's looking like the cancel operation is doing what I want: stop writes, flush, cancel causes a replica to become the primary and the old primary to reinitialize as a replica with no data movement. Based on the docs, not sure if that is by design or a happy accident :slight_smile:

I don't think this is by design, but it's good to hear!

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