Promoted document max count (Curration)

How many document can be promoted on single curration?

Hello @Ardy_Febriansyah

Can you please clarify the question? What is a curration? What do you mean by "promoted"?

Yes it is

Hey @Ardy_Febriansyah I don't know what the limit is, good question. How many do you need to promote?

Maybe 200 - 500 documents, i have marketplace app that will using curation via rest api.

Do you mean for a single search term, you will be manually configuring 200-500 results?

Yes, in single curation (multiple search term),

Pada tanggal Sel, 12 Mei 2020 23.45, Jason Stoltzfus via Discuss the Elastic Stack menulis:

Yeah, I don't know what the limit is. You may run into some unanticipated challenges doing that, curations aren't really meant for curating entire result sets like that. Typically you would use Relevance Tuning tools to help surface the most relevant results for searches.

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