Provide additional data (static metadata) to Kibana

Hi Everyone

I’m on the way to unleash all kind of features in Kibana 4.x. During playing arround with Kibana and Elasticsearch I asked my self how can I add a kind of “additional static data – kind of metadata” which is not stored (provided outside) in EL, the best way.

Let’s assume we have some documents about cars in an EL index like that:
"_source": {
"carID": "21548",
"timeToProduce": "49:39:00",

Let’s assume we have a kind of CSV / XML / or whatever file that provide us more information about the car i.E. an descriptive name and some other additional data:

"21548",”VW A4”,”4”
"21548",”Mustang V”,”2”


  1. Can I translate the “carID” and the “colorID” in Kibana on the fly?
  2. Can I provide some additional data like the “NumberofSeats” to Kibana as a selection creteria?
  3. Is Q1 and Q2 even possible? If not: What kind of alternatives there are in the EL and Kibana stack?

Thanks for answer my questions.

Best regards

  1. No
  2. You can put that into a search/filter.
  3. Best to do the data enrichment at indexing time.