Provisioning the cluster using Rally

Hi all,
Is there any way to ask ESRally to establish the cluster (cloud or on-prem) of more than one node?

Thanks in advance


indeed there is. See our docs for an example. There are a few limitations tha you should be aware of though:

  1. You need to spin up the machines yourself. Rally can only start and stop Elasticsearch
  2. You need to start a Rally daemon on each of those machines before-hand (see docs)
  3. The cluster nodes cannot have different roles, e.g. you cannot setup dedicated master nodes with this or spin up a hot-warm architecture.

The feature is meant only for simple use cases where all nodes have the same configuration. If you need something more complex I suggest you spin up the cluster yourself (or with the help of configuration management tools) and use the benchmark-only pipeline in Rally.


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