Pull only fields with given value

I have a JSON like this for a document

_source: {
timestamp: 213234234,
links: [ {
mention: "audi",
entity: {rank:3, name:"some name"}
}, {
mention: "ford",
entity: {rank:0, name:"some other name"},

I'm interested in retrieving only the mention and rank fields where
I am able to specify which fields I want using "fields" like this
"fields":["timestamp","links.mention","links.entity.rank"] and I can even
filter (query {filtered { query { term { links.entity.rank = 0 }}}} ) so
that it returns only documents that have rank=0

Such a query returns all fields I mention and all the objects in the links

_source: {
timestamp: [213234234],
links.mention: [ "audi", "ford" ],
links.entity.rank: [ 3, 0 ]

I don't want to have 3 in links.entity.rank. Is there a way to re filter
the result of a query?

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