Pulling date from Elastic and convert it to local time zone


I'm using Beats to to put data onto my Elasticsearch server. All machines incluing the monitored server are based in CET timezone. In Kibana i can see the @timestamp stored in CET, but when i pull it out using Logstash and put it into a flat file, it's stored in UTC. How can i make sure that the date i pull using Logstash is also stored as CET in flat file?

logstash and elasticsearch always store dates in UTC. Kibana converts them to the timezone of the browser.

If you are using a date filter to parse strings you can lie about what timezone the strings are in to get a LogStash::Timezone object in a timezone other than UTC.

Thanks @Badger,
So there's no easy way to convert it to a different timezone before outputting it into flat file?
If that's true, could you hint me how exactly i can 'lie' to Logstash to make sure that my output flat file will have the dates stored in CET rather than UTC?

If the timestamps in the log are UTC and you want to store them as (say) GMT+4, then tell the date filter they are GMT-4.

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