Recalculate times?


Due to a number of reasons we have servers logging with UTC en servers logging with timestamps in CEST. In kibana/es I would like to see everything in CESt to easily connect the dots with events in clientdevices. Is there any way in which I can convert a timestamp in logstash from utc to CESt (with regard of summer/winter time)?

At this moment the top of my concerning filter looks like this:

mutate {
       strip => ["message"]
dissect {
    mapping => {
          "message" => "ts: %{ts} %{+ts} | logLevel: %{log-level} | appId: %{app-id} | %{} | SID: %{session-id} | TN: %{transaction-id} | clientIp: %{client-ip} | userId: %{user-id} | apiType: %{} | api: %{api} | platform: %{platform} | %{additional-data}"

mutate {
     strip => ["ts", "log-level", "app-id", "session-id", "transaction-id", "client-ip", "user-id", "api", "platform", "additional-data"]

Thnx in advance.

This does the simple trick

date {
    match => ["ts", "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSS"]
    timezone => "UTC"
    target => "@timestamp"
    remove_field => [ "ts" ]

elasticsearch and logstash always store timestamps as UTC. You can lie to them about what timezone your timestamps are in to force them to store timestamps in a different timezone. kibana will, by default, transform timestamps into the local timezone, respecting DST. If you want kibana to present timestamps in a different timezone then that is configurable.

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