Puppet directory options


I once again stumpled over a little problem with the puppet script. I am
trying to install elasticsearch using puppet module 0.9.3. First, I am
creating a data directory like this:

file { "/data/elasticsearch":
ensure => "directory",
owner => "elasticsearch",
group => "elasticsearch",
require => [Class ['common'], Class ['elasticsearch::package']]

Class common is taking care of mounting and formatting the drive,
elasticsearch package is needed for owner and group, right?

Then I am setting up elasticsearch, I am configuring the datadir in the
class, not in the instance. Using

  datadir => '/data/elasticsearch/data'

a directory /data/elasticsearch/data/es-01 is created when setting up the
instance. Interesting here is that directory /data/elasticsearch/data
belongs to the group elasticsearch, but /data/elasticsearch/data/es-01 to
the group root. Why ist that so?

Another thing I tried is to use the hash writeup to configure directories :
config {
path => {
data => '/data/elasticsearch/data',
work => '/data/elasticsearch/work',
logs => '/var/log/elasticsearch'

It seems to be a valid way of configuration for me, problem here is that
directories for data and work are not created. I can create datadir using
the line of code provided first, but what about work directory? Will it be
created when needed only? Is this way of configuration supposed to work at

Would really appreciate some help on these questions!

Thanks in advance,

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