Push data from Jaeger to Elastic APM

(Trondhindenes) #1

We already have a fully working Jaeger infra setup. Is there (or is there planned) any simple way of simply pushing that data into Elastic APM straight from the Jaeger collector?

(Andrew Wilkins) #2

Not currently, but your interest is noted! You're probably already aware, but just in case: there is an Elasticsearch storage backend, but its schema won't be compatible with the APM UI.

If you don't mind, could you please provide a little info on why you would want this, as opposed to replacing with Elastic APM? The Elastic APM agents implement the OpenTracing API, so they should be compatible with your instrumentation. Is there something that Jaeger does that is lacking in the Elastic APM agents or server?

(Trondhindenes) #3

The use-case I'm specifically thinking about is making migrating from Jaeger to Elastic APM easier by pushing data into both tracing systems for a while. Otherwise we'd have to do a yuge amount of work in order to "re-instrument" all of our services and libraries.