Opentelemetry issue

Hello, guys:

Kibana version: 7.7.1

Elasticsearch version: 7.7.1

  1. If I use opentelemetry agent, what's the difference between I send data directly to apm server( use apm jaeger port) and I send data to opentelemetry collector elastic exporter , export send to apm server? Which pipeline is recommend?

@Renz2018 Welcome to the forum!

My suggestions:

  • If you're instrumenting your application with an OpenTelemetry SDK, use the OpenTelemetry Collector exporter
  • If you're instrumenting your application with a Jaeger client, then use APM Server's Jaeger intake

Apart from the fact that the Jaeger intake is a bit more mature, as it was developed first, a couple of other reasons why you might want to use it for now:

  • as it is Jaeger-specific, it takes into account details like Jaeger's sampling tags in order to calculate accurate metrics
  • it supports Jaeger's remote sampling API, so you can configure the sampling rate dynamically

If you're using the OpenTelemetry SDK in your application, then the above points are irrelevant.

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