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I am doing a proof-of-concept using my first instance of cloud. I have signed up for the trial but am having difficulty figuring out the best way to move my test index from my local server to the cloud instance. I understand there are several different ways to move an index but, from my perspective, it seemed one of the simpler methods is to use logstash to stream that.

I'm having trouble putting together the specifics though. I think am able to do private server to private server without security pretty easily using a method similar to:

Reindexing Elasticsearch with Logstash 2.0 · GitHub

What is the best strategy to do this to a elastic.co cloud instance? Where/how do I specify credentials or api key?

Hi @stevezemlicka

You can take a look at a little short how to I wrote on this very topic. The one you sited is pretty old and still references _type , (mapping types were removed in 7.x)

Take a look let us know.

For all the option of the elasticsearch output module for logstash see here

For all the options of the elasticsearch input module for logstash see here

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Excellent resource, this was precisely what I needed! Thank you for taking the time to put this together and for pointing me in that direction.

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