Pushing indexes to a node on the internet, possible?

Hi list,

I would like to get some advise what kind of Elasticsearch node
configuration would enable me to do the following:

I want to have a user-facing Rails app (online store) using karmi/tire for
Elasticsearch integration. This runs on a web server on the internet
(different continent, different network, no VPN or tunneling set up yet). I
only use Elasticsearch for search, there are no writes or any indexing
taking place.

I frequently export the product inventory from an MS SQL Server in our
intranet, which isn't reachable from the internet at all. On this intranet,
I have set up an Elasticsearch node that indexes the product (and other
data) - works like a charm.

My idea is to push the Elasticsearch indexes from this intranet to the web
server Elasticsearch node. Ideally, this would happen automatically
everytime I reindex the data from our backend.

Where I need help is how to setup the Elasticsearch nodes so that the one
on the intranet is the "master", and the web server one is the "slave", who
only gets index updates. One example use case would be a product stock
going to zero, and the product in the online shop becoming unavailable to
purchase - as quickly as possible.

I guess I need to set up an SSH tunnel to establish a communications
channel, but where to go from there?

Thank you for your help

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