Pushing the data from Perfmon to elasticsearch

Hi All,

I need to post the perfmon data for visualization. Currently I am saving perfmon data collector data set as CSV and then sending it to elasticsearch for visualization.
So every time when I restart perfmon data collector set it creates a new file with parent folder and it is required to change the file location in the logstash config file to read the same.

Please suggest me how to remove the dependency of changing the folder created by perfmon data collector set when new data is getting generated.

Please suggest if it is possible to pull data directly from perfmon or any change in logstash config file so that it becomes independent of file path.
Snippet from my current logstash config file-
input {
file {
path => "\PerfmonData\MACHINENAME_000001\DataCollector01.csv"
start_position => "beginning"

Prateek Divya

Just use wildcards in the path;
path => "\PerfmonData\MACHINENAME_000001\*.csv" or
path => "\PerfmonData\*\*.csv"

Tried same .It is not giving any error at logstash command line but the index is not getting generated whereas able to see Index when passing absolute path.


thank you.
Able to post the data.
Referred below link also -