Put data direct into _all field

(Slava G ) #1

I have index (huge one) and seems that big amount of space are wasted just because I have a filed, named documentField (dynamic mapping) that is index but not stored and it's also by default included in _all field. To change a mapping, will require reindexing and currently it's not an option, so my question is can I put index data directly in _all field skipping putting it into documentField ?


(Mark Walkom) #2

The _all field contains that anyway, so you can skip putting it into the other one.

(Slava G ) #3

I'm wondering how can I skip to put data into other one, this field is defined as analysable and not stored,
If I'll not put it into it then it'll not be added to _all as well. And to change the mapping to not analysable will require reindex of all data.


(Mark Walkom) #4

You will need to reindex old data. If you updated the field for new data then it should be ok.

(Slava G ) #5

Reindexing currently is not an option, it's about 100TB data, so I'm looking for workaround for that issue.

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