PySpark - Seeing a 'ConnectionTimedOut' to a local ElasticSearch

I have a simple elasticsearch query that I want to receive that count of. On my local mac environment, the below setup works as expected.

On an Ubuntu machine, I see ERROR NetworkClient:144 - Node [] failed (also odd, because the configuration points to

Environment that does not work:
OS: Ubuntu
Python: 2.7.10
Spark: 2.3.1 and 2.3.2
ElasticSearch: 5.6.5
ES Hadoop Jar: elasticsearch-spark-20_2.11-5.6.5.jar

Environment that does work:
OS: mac
Python: 2.7.10
Spark: 2.2.1, 2.3.1, and 2.3.2
ElasticSearch: 5.6.3
ES Hadoop Jar: elasticsearch-spark-20_2.11-5.6.3.jar

PySpark is run from the interactive shell via

path/to/pyspark \
   --jars /path/to/elasticsearch-spark-20_2.11-5.6.5.jar 
   --master local

The code I run is as follows:

# I put the timeout to 10 seconds to see if I could get the error quicker, but it appears to still wait the full 1 minute (which is the default as per the docs)
config = {
   'es.nodes': '', 
   'es.scroll.size': '9000', 
   'es.resource': 'mydata/data', 
   'es.query': '{"query": {"match_all": {}}}', 
   'es.http.timeout': '10s'}
dataframe ="org.elasticsearch.spark.sql").options(**config).load()
# waits for about a minute then shows the below error, then retries with and errors out again
# ERROR NetworkClient:144 - Node [] failed (Connection timed out (Connection timed out)); selected next node []

Found the issue. The elasticsearch.yml configuration had a line as follows:

discovery.type: single-node

Removing this line allowed spark to connect to the elasticsearch local node. I'm not sure why this caused the issue, so any insight on that would be appreciated.

if you have the concrete logs from the run available, they might help shed some light on the issue. It's possible that the local node that you are connecting to picked up the address as its publish address, and so the connector tried communicating with the node through that address after it performed its node discovery process.

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