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I'm upgrading our elastic search code to 6.2 and on the python client we use the following API:, particularly "put_script". Whereas before we would be able to pass the language in which the script is written as a parameter now I don't find any way of setting that property. I was expecting that if not specified "painless" would be the default value but when posting the script via the python client "mustache" it's actually what seems to be set/defaulted as that's what it's returned on a query to that newly created script from the command line.


{"_id":"size_active_score","found":true,"script":{"lang":"mustache","source":"{"source":"1 + 5 * 1 + doc['size_active'].value\n"}"}}

I wonder if someone knows how is possible to specify the language of the script using the python java client (conn.put_script(...) )? or I would need to change the script to be written in mustache?

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I've finally managed by changing the body, initially was just defining the source, but went one level up to include the language:

_conn.put_script(id=script_id, body={'script':{'lang':'painless', 'source': script}})

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